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Parabola - Framed Soundwave Art

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  • Tool inspired soundwave art. 
  • Framed and ready-to-hang with a black wood frame and museum-quality glass. 
  • Three size choices: Tabloid, Classic, Premium. 
  • Schedule a virtual visit if you're interested in an oversized custom design project. 
  • American made. 

This is a single from Tool's third studio album 'Lateralus'. The album emerged after a four-year legal dispute between Tool and their former label. Ahead of the release, the band provided a 12-song tracklist with fake titles such as "Riverchrist", "Numbereft", and "Musick". This was the height of file-sharing networks and Napster was flooded with bogus files bearing the titles' names.

The prolonged run times of most songs on 'Lateralus' posed a challenge to music programmers. The video for "Parabola" is ten-and-a-half minutes long. Rolling Stone wrote that "Drums, bass, and guitars move in jarring cycles of hyperhowl and near-silent death march... running times of most of Lateralus' thirteen tracks are misleading; the entire album rolls and stomps with suitelike purpose."