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State of Love and Trust - Framed Soundwave Art

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  • Pearl Jam inspired soundwave art. 
  • Framed and ready-to-hang with a black wood frame and museum-quality glass. 
  • Three size choices: Tabloid, Classic, Premium. 
  • Schedule a virtual visit if you're interested in an oversized custom design project. 
  • American made. 

This track originally appeared on the soundtrack for the 1992 film Singles. The film's director Cameron Crowe wrote in Rolling Stone that the song is "about battling with your instincts in love." The track was also included on Pearl Jam's 2004 greatest hits album, Rearviewmirror

Eddie Vedder had a bunch of low-paying jobs before he became a rock star. He was a gas station attendant, a security guard at the La Valencia hotel, and a waiter before joining Pearl Jam. Vedder was fired from his security guard gig for neglecting his duties in favor of playing the guitar.