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Welcome to the Machine - Framed Soundwave Art

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  • Pink Floyd inspired soundwave art. 
  • Framed and ready-to-hang with a black wood frame and museum-quality glass. 
  • Three size choices: Tabloid, Classic, Premium. 
  • Schedule a virtual visit if you're interested in an oversized custom design project. 
  • American made. 

This track is about the money-grubbing record producers and managers controlling the band, which contributed to Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett's mental collapse. The world around him was like a machine: the fans, the group, the record industry. They told him what to do and when to do it so they would become successful. The 'Wish You Were Here' album revolves around Syd Barrett and what contributed to his collapse.

Penned by bassist Roger Waters, it is notable for its use of heavily processed synthesizers and acoustic guitars, as well as a wide range of tape effects. The track was built upon a basic throbbing sound made by an EMS VCS 3 followed by a one-repeat echo which Waters would have played originally on bass guitar. David Gilmour told WYWH Songbook, "It's very much a made-up-in-the-studio thing which was all built up from a basic throbbing made on a VCS 3, with a one repeat echo used so that each 'boom' is followed by an echo repeat to give the throb. With a number like that, you don't start off with a regular concept of group structure or anything, and there's no backing track either. Really it is just a studio proposition where we're using tape for its own ends -- a form of collage using sound."